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“Then sings my soul,

my Saviour God, To Thee,

How Great Thou art, How Great Thou art”

Ivan Rupert Renfrum

*22-08-1933 – †03-03-2021


†Susanna Renfrum-Williams


Deborah Renfrum, Irma Renfrum, Brenda Lubbers-Renfrum, Stella Martes-Renfrum, Glen Renfrum, Ingrid Renfrum


Bruce Da Costa, Marciano Croes, Jan Lubbers, Gilbert Martes, Ron Spaans, Hans Somers.


Joan Renfrum-Raven


Urbanie & Marrezta Renfrum, Amy Da Costa – Balo Wilson, Nathalie Da Costa, Gary Da Costa,

Sally & Arshad Warner, Roxane Lubbers – Cesi Savut, Stephanie Lubbers, Anthony Lubbers,

Michael Lubbers, Melissa Frietman, Glenda Friedman, La Belle & Aaron Howell, Dailey Renfrum –

Litienne Lacle, Gregory Spaans, Sergio Spaans, Georgina Spaans – Charel Dors, Barbara & Jhonerick Stuart


Anisa Götze, Shawn Götze, Ashwan Edwards, Latysha Wilson, Hailley Da Costa, Imani Da Costa, Chris Savut, Tristan Savut, Delano, Djenairo, Daneisha, Shifanya, Yoënna, Ronami, Bella Howell, J’Ronn Howell, Julia Spaans, Cataleya Slenders, Emma Spaans, Mila Stuart


Maud Williams, Minerva & Winston Salomon,

Best friend:

Jesus Koeiman & family


Dr. Sneek, Liliana, Tamieka, Wit Gele Kruis.

Related to:

Arrindell, Gumbs, Thomas, Williams

Most special all the other families, friends & Reina Toppenberg & family. Pastor Gilbert Martes (Iglesia Emmanuel).

The thanksgiving service which will take place on Wednesday March 10, 2021 – leaving “Iglesia Emmanuel” Grenadaweg 12C in Dakota to the Sabana Basora cemetery in Pos Chiquito.

The late Mr. Ivan Renfrum will be laid at 2pm-4pm at Iglesia Emmanuel.

If we in this time of sorrow we may have forgotten to mention any other family, we sincerely apologize.

We regret that after the funeral we cannot receive condolences at home.


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