Mira con Dios a salba mi,

Tur mi confiansa ta den djE,

Mi n’ tin miedo:

Señor Dios ta mi forsa, mi refugio.

E mes t’Esun cu a salba mi. Isaías 12:2

Cu dolor na nos curason, nos ta participa fayecimento di nos ser stima:

Joan Alexander

Affectionately known as “Leinchi”

*22-06-1926 – †09-06-2022

Father: †James Percival Alexander

Mother: †Veronica Elisabeth Alexander

Left to mourn are her:

Nephew & Caretaker: Jesse D. Alexander (Aruba)

Special Nephew & Son: James B. Richardson (St. Maarten)

Siblings: Marjory Alexander (Greneda)

Barbara Richardson-Alexander (St. Maarten)

†Leonora Alexander aka “Babie” (Aruba)

Delbert Alexander aka “Bokie” (Aruba)

†Steve Alexander (Bonaire)

†Carmen Alexander (Aruba)

Sisters in Law: Pricilla Alexander-Berkel (Bonaire)

Edelmira Alexander (Aruba)

Nieces & Nephews: John A. Richardson & Fam (St. Maarten)

Lloyd J. Richardson & Fam (St. Maarten)

James B. Richardson & Fam (St. Maarten)

†Glenn S. Richardson (St. Maarten)

Barbara T. Nicholls & Fam (St. Maarten)

Owen Richardson & Fam (St. Maarten)

Daphne Richardson & Fam (St. Maarten)

Jesse D. Alexander & Fam (Aruba)

Harold E. Alexander & Fam (Aruba)

David E. Alexander & Fam (Aruba)

Veronica Alexander & Fam (Aruba)

Ishell Alexander & Fam (Bonaire)

Heather Williams-Brooks (Netherlands)

Sandra McQuilken (St. Maarten)

Rubia Cannegieter (St. Maarten)

Neighbors of Timonstraat Oranjestad Aruba, residents, and staff of Thuis zorg. The Oranje Stad SDA Church Family and Friends

Funeral will take place on Wednesday June 29, 2022, from 9 to 11 am at the Adventist Churh in Oranjestad, then she will be taken to her final resting place at the central cemetery in Sabana Basora.



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