Diadomingo atardi, riba rednan social, por a tuma nota, varios comentario di diferente persona, tocante un acto di fraude cu a tuma luga, y den e informacion aki, nomber di Sra. Carnaval 2019 a wordo menciona.

“Den nomber di SMAC su Presidente, Jason Brown, kier a informa cu nos ta distancia nos mes di e situacion aki y lo duna e oportunidad pa husticia haci su trabou. Despues cu esaki tuma luga, dependiendo na e resultado, SMAC su hunta lo sinta y asina informa si lo bay tuma pasonan si ta necesario”, e comision a bisa den un comunicado di prensa.




  1. My dream can still come true: that one day we can get rid of Carnival, once and forever. It is not our culture, those who were not born on this small island came from other islands in the Caribbean and brought their culture upon us. I was born and raised here, I will die on this small island, hoping my wish can come true. I hate no one, I love people that come from around the world to find a job here, you are all welcome. The problem with the Carnival is that it has inspired evil, songs with bad words, hatred, envy and such. Our own culture is belittled, people dislike our “Dande”, some criticize us in our own home, Aruba. I would like to see each parish do like Brazil does each year, celebrate a day of our culture, with our costumes.


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