Her wings were ready, but our hearts were not…

It is with deep sadness we announce the death of our beloved Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt and Friend. She died peacefully at the age of 89

Muriel A. Simon

Better known as (Tante) Sixta or Oma

*10 April 1933 – †21 September 2022

On behalf of:

Her daughters:

Meredith (Mem) Vinck

Desirée (Day) Vinck


Edson Everon

Marlon Everon & Sjarlaine Everon-de Windt

Lindsay Riley & Sergei Liski

Brandon Riley

Great grandchild:

Xia Grace

Like great grandchild:

Evi Galilea


†Peter Simon

†Regina (Mom) Simon-Grovell


†Rudolph Simon & family

†Louis Simon & Neida Simon-Padilla & family

Gwendolyn Winklaar-Simon & Jose Winklaar & family

John Simon & Nia Simon-Geerman & family

†Eddy Simon & Annie Simon-Henraat & family

†Robert Simon & †Lientje Simon-Zievinger & family

†George Simon & †Aura Simon-Roga

Dornal Simon

†Charles Simon & Hortencia Simon-Lacle & family

Bernard Simon & family

Roy Simon & family

Nephews- and nieces, cousins

Beloved friends in Holland:

Louis Schavet

Irene de Smet

Mariela Elmont

Filomena Zievinger

Leo & Ancilla Kantelberg

Edith & Piet Tromp

Cas di Machi- Miranda Trimon- Belgica Ranes y a Martha Moreno pa nan bon cuido

Family: Simon, Vinck, Everon, Riley, de Windt, Liski, Grovell, Padilla, Winklaar, Geerman, Henraat, Zievinger, Roga, Lacle, Schavet, de Smet, Elmont, Kantelberg and all other family members and friends.

Farewell Ceremony and cremation will take place on Saturday October 1st 2022 at Aurora Funeral Home from 9 am to 11 am.

Please forgive us if we forgot to mention a loved one in our moment of grief.